Policies for pudding, munching crunchy numbers

Visibly divided for weeks, with howls of protest and cat fights demanding Ofori-Atta’s dismissal, it’s laughable to see the NPP puffing an elephant-sized peace pipe. After being finger-pointed by his livid colleagues for monkey business, the cocksure finance minister still hangs onto his job. The entire fiasco has been utterly outrageous. Ghana’s economy is practically […]

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The winds of change are blowing through the corridors of power

Events seem to have conspired to give Akufo-Addo more than a reasonable excuse to dismiss his cousin, Ken Ofori-Atta, if he truly desires to. But Ghana’s President has mounted a fierce resistance to impassioned pleas from the general public, and even by the NPPs parliamentary caucus, who persist with demands for wide-ranging changes to the […]

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