VLK, together with a confidante, set up Voltacoast, a Keta-based firm that was initially established in September, 2020 solely to explore and promote — through mainstream media & advertising, conferences, and social activities — business opportunities in the Volta, Ghana.

The firm has evolved into a specialist investment advisory firm that offers a wide range of corporate services and investment prospects to small and medium-sized enterprises located in Volta, South-east Ghana. He is currently the managing partner at the firm.

V. L. K. Djokoto serves as Chief Executive Officer of D. K. T. Djokoto & Co, an illustrious and trusted multi-disciplinary boutique management consulting firm which, since 1950, has provided sincere guidance on commerce, real estate, public relations, and political strategy to selected traditional royal houses, blue-chip businesses, high net-worth individuals, and governments.

Here is a full list of his business interests:

D. K. T. Djokoto & Co

Voltacoast Investments

Voltacoast Natural Resources

Geraldo Vasconcellos De Lima